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Proficiency Training in Brooding

Brooding is a popular technique in the poultry business. Chicken production, in particular, is expanding faster than ever before for a variety of human-serving purposes. The majority of chicken production is for meat consumption, while chicken eggs are consumed as a source of protein. It is especially crucial because good-quality eggs can only be produced when hens are well fed. Brooding in chicken farming is the process of providing an optimal environment for newborn birds by using an external heat source. This is normally from the day the chicks are born until they are able to regulate their body temperature effectively. It is critical to provide warmth and comfort to the chicks since they lose heat more quickly in the early stages of their lives due to their increased metabolic rate, body size, and lack of feathers. Furthermore, their immune system, digestive system, and thermoregulatory system are not fully active at this young age, leaving them more susceptible to diseases and infections. To begin your training, select Curriculum. Remember to print your certificate at the conclusion of your course.


What is the target audience?

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Bankers
  • Engineers
  • NGOs
  • Matured School Leavers
  • Parttime Students
  • Undergraduates

Please send all enquiries and questions to gm@farmpark.ng 

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Enrolled: 11 students
Duration: 10 hours
Lectures: 9
Video: 9 hours
Level: Advanced


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